In 2018, Simmons Knife & Saw completed its transition audit to certify its quality management system under the new revision of the ISO Standard. ISO 9001:2015, takes into account the more recent paradigm shifts in regards to quality and strategic business planning. Greater emphasis on achieving desired outcomes to enhance customer satisfaction along with wording like “Leadership ownership” and “Evidence-based and Risk-Based Thinking” have made their way to the forefront of the new version of the standard. The new version of the standard clearly puts the onus of quality management, in terms of a business system, on the entire organization and not one specific individual.


The Simmons Knife & Saw quality statement identifies four specific tenets that are the cornerstone of our quality management system. The tenets are Continuous Improvement, Quality Workmanship, On Time Delivery and Superior Customer Service. They speak directly to our commitment to provide you with an enhanced customer experience. Below, we have listed a few examples of how these tenets correlate to our desired outcomes.


Continuous Improvement: We employ several tools such as Lean Initiative, KATA and New Product Development groups to focus our efforts on making our processes as efficient as possible and relevant in terms of developing blades that continue to meet our customers’ needs and expectations.


Quality Workmanship: We strive to produce the best possible blade. Enhanced incoming inspection for critical components such as steel, process based inspections and random quality audits throughout the manufacturing process are only a few of activities we employ to ensure our customers are receiving a quality product that meets their expectations.


On Time Delivery: Our goal is to provide our product on time, every time. A proactive production control department is constantly monitoring operational performance in an effort to process orders in a timely and efficient manner. In cases where this doesn’t occur we do our best to provide a mutually acceptable solution to meet our customers’ needs, such as offering a comparable item or shipping a partial quantity.


Superior Customer Service: If we are successful in achieving the first three tenets then it stands to reason that we have more than likely achieved the forth one. However, we continually strive to enhance the entire customer experience. Real time production reporting and scheduling allows our customer service department to have answers available when our customers need them. A recently upgraded website and streamlined design process also contribute to a more effective means of providing our customers timely responses.


No system or process is beyond improvement. Our desire to continually improve also relies on input from our customers. Communication with our customer service department and sales staff is a great conduit for this. We also regularly send out customer surveys and we encourage you to take the time to complete them as to provide us with well desired input. We can’t fix something if we don’t know it is not working.


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