Bread Slicing Blades

Simmons’ first product was the reciprocating bread slicer blade and, of course, much has evolved since 1946 but the reciprocating bread slicing blade is still widely used. Always manufactured from the finest carbon steel available, the hard edged disposable blade was first created and introduced to the bread slicing industry by Simmons and remains the standard against which all others are measured. The standard is a 1/2” pitch scalloped edge but there are several configurations of widths, lengths, mounting hole locations, rivets, and holders for mounting blades into slicing machines.  Simmons’ blades will always yield fast clean cuts with a minimum of crumbs for all types of bread.



Listed below are the more typical slicers and blades that are used. If you are unsure of the type of slicer and/or blade that you require, please measure the overall length of the blade, the distance from the centers of the holes or mounting rivets, and be able to describe the types of rivets or holders to your Regional Sales Manager or customer service representative.  We are able to produce most types of slicer blades.


If you have needs for a blade other than the typical slicer blade, Simmons has the capability to produce blades with a great range of edge types, sizes, and configurations.  Simmons can provide different sized holes, custom mounting devices and stainless steel blade material, all available in your required width/thickness/length.


Bread Slicing Blades used in these industries: Food Industry